* Language Training
English for Public Relation
English for Public Relation Training Course is to improve English language proficiency of non-native employees, from all levels of staff and workers to executives.

The aim of our courses are to increase participants' English proficiency and communication skills within specific concentration on Public Relation English which they can put directly into use in the corporate work environment.

Course Focus:

The course covers all aspects of Public Relation. It includes writing reports, speaking on the phone, presenting in English, using formal vocabulary etc. so that students have all they need to interact through English in a Business Work Environment, which will open up job opportunities.

Duration of the course:

2 months

Frequency of sessions:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday      Or     Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

Duration of each session:

1.5 hours

Size of the class:

Average of 10 people per class

Start date: 

Ongoing all year around